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23rd February 2024

From the Desk of Claire Golding, LLB, API Licence 524 Association of Professional Real Agents Malaga. CEO

 Dear Valued Clients,

As we welcome 2024, it is my pleasure to share exciting insights that highlight why now is an unparalleled time for property investment on the Costa del Sol. Our beloved coast has not only recovered but has flourished, demonstrating resilience and charm that continue to attract the global elite and discerning investors.

Unprecedented Market Surge

The property market on the Costa del Sol has experienced a significant surge, setting new records in sales across various price segments. This growth has invigorated the local economy, boosting our tourism sector and leading to the opening of prestigious new hotels and restaurants, as well as numerous residential construction and renovation projects. The post-pandemic period has transformed the Costa del Sol into a bustling hub of investment and activity.

A Luxury Market Unlike Any Other

The global luxury market has reached historic heights, with the Costa del Sol leading this trend. The demand for coastal luxury real estate, in particular, has soared, supported by the increased wealth of the global elite. This trend extends across multiple luxury sectors, from automotive to high-end fashion and jewelry, all witnessing record-breaking demand.

Costa del Sol: A Symbol of Prestige

The Costa del Sol, especially Marbella, remains a symbol of international prestige, drawing sophisticated clients who seek not only holiday homes but substantial, year-round residences. Our exceptional mix of world-class amenities, breathtaking properties, and vibrant community life secures our position as one of the most desirable destinations globally.

Why Invest with Something Contemporary Marbella Now?

  • Record Sales and Investment: 2023 witnessed unprecedented sales and investments, highlighting a robust and expanding market.
  • Exclusive Property Shortage: With dwindling property availability and rising demand, the present moment is optimal for securing your investment in the Costa del Sol’s prime real estate.
  • Competitive Prices: Despite appreciating values, our real estate prices remain competitive internationally, offering outstanding potential for asset growth.
  • Global Recognition: Marbella’s stature as a top lifestyle destination is continuously enhancing, increasing the attractiveness and value of property ownership here.

Looking Ahead with Confidence

The outlook for Costa del Sol’s luxury market is bright, with ongoing growth expected, sustained interest from international buyers, and significant developments that continue to enhance our coast’s charm. As the CEO of Something Contemporary Marbella, I am personally committed to ensuring our clients have access to the most sought-after properties and investment opportunities in this extraordinary market.

This is truly a golden era for Costa del Sol real estate. Whether you are considering a second home, a luxurious primary residence, or a strategic investment, Something Contemporary Marbella is your ideal partner in realizing your aspirations. Let us show you why there has never been a better time to invest in Marbella.

Warm regards,

Claire Golding, LLB
CEO, Something Contemporary Marbella SL


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