Andalucía is a favourite destination for tourists from abroad this summer

4th August 2022

Andalucía has always been a favourite holiday destination for people from other parts of Spain but now more visitors from abroad are also seduced by its culture, leisure facilities, climate and way of life.

A survey of 1,500 French, British and American tourists by the credit card company Visa confirms that four out of every travellers from the USA who come to Spain choose this region for their holiday, even though there is no longer a daily direct flight between Malaga and New York.

The report by Visa shows that a similar percentage applies to French visitors. Andalucía is the destination chosen by 24% of those who come to Spain from France, even though Catalonia has always been a natural option due to its proximity.

In the case of visitors from the UK, which is the main source market for the Costa del Sol and Andalucía, arrivals over the past two years have been at a historic low because of pandemic travel restrictions, but this summer 18% of British visitors who have booked a holiday in Spain are coming to the region and the Costa del Sol is the most popular destination.

Online bookings

The report also shows that 78% of international tourists book their travel and accommodation online, and 91% of visitors from France, UK and USA use a credit card, either physical or virtual, to pay while they are away.

With regard to the length of stay, the report shows that 62% of British tourists and 65% of French stay for less than a week, and 45% of Americans stay longer. International visitors tend to want to visit different places in Spain while they are on holiday, and enjoy the culture, beaches and countryside of Andalucía.

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